Colors In A Teen’s Room

Your teen daughter might not want the cute and cuddly things in her room that she had when she was little. Fortunately, you can get free estimates from general contractors for ideas on renovating her bedroom so that it’s an environment that she will enjoy. Some renovations might require paint and new flooring, so you need to think about your budget before getting in too deep with the project.

Instead of a plain white room, add round colored stickers on the ceiling and even on the walls. This will give dimension to the room as well as color. The circles can be in the same color as the rest of the decorations in the room. If the ceiling isn’t flat, then use paint to draw a few designs. One of the popular colors with a white room is teal. It pops out against white ceilings, walls, and bedding. A hardwood floor with light oak is a good base for the room. Add black and white pictures to the walls in black frames for added depth against the teal paint.

Your teen will likely make memories in school with friends and make memories with the family. Create a wall for pictures and other memorabilia by putting interlocking ribbons on the wall with a lace overlay. It will be like a large picture board for her to look at during the day to remember special events.

If your teen enjoys bolder designs, then use paint in a darker color on the walls, such as dark purple, navy blue or even black with neon designs. A white bed with bedding that matches the walls sets apart her personality from others. This is an idea so that she can focus more on the colors instead of a specific theme, making it easier to decorate the room.

A soft and sweet room is one that looks like a cottage. Add a quilt on the bed, floral decorations on the walls and a plaid bench seat at the end of the bed. Walls can be painted in pastel colors, but you might want to include a few bright colors for accents as a way to add texture to the space.