4 Ways to Lower Your Winter Heating Bills

When the winter comes around, it can be tempting to crank up the thermostat and settle in for a long cold snap. However, once the bill arrives, it won’t take long before most homeowners begin to regret that decision. When it comes to keeping your home warm without breaking the bank, there are a few surefire tips that can get you through the winter comfortably and at less expense overall. Here are a few great ways to reduce your heating bill this winter.

1. Set Your Thermostat and Forget It

In winter, it can be tempting to keep fiddling with the thermostat when the temperature starts to drop from ‘cold’ to ‘very cold.’ However, not only does this waste energy, it makes your heating system work even harder to heat the same amount of space. Keeping your home at a consistent temperature will allow your home to keep warmer over a longer period of time. If you must change the thermostat, do it at night when you can keep it at a somewhat lower temperature.

1. Keep Moving and Bundled Up

The most basic principle of keeping warm in the winter both indoors and outdoors is piling on those layers. Outside we wear coats, inside we should always be using all the materials available to bundle ourselves up, include robes, and blankets. In addition to this, keeping consistently active is always a great, healthy, and cost-effective way to beat the deep chill. Even a fifteen-minute daily routine of stretches in the morning will go a long way toward keeping your body temperature up as the day grows colder.

3. Force Warm Air Downwards

Warm air in your home can come from unexpected places, not just from your heating vent but, for instance, from your computer, television or other electronic devices that have a tendency to heat up. In addition to storing these devices in places where their natural heat will be able to circulate (i.e. near to a vent or fan,) make sure to position smaller fans around the house to keep the warm air at ground level. Heat rises naturally, but if you use less powerful fans to force it closer to your level, you’ll be making the most of your heating system in a snap. Keep your fans at low speed, and try to rotate their movement so that the hot air from your system gets to mix with the colder air from the rest of the house. This will equalize the temperature and make for a much more comfortable home.

4. Replace Your Old Appliances

After you’ve had your heating systems checked and approved by a service like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, the next best money-saving tip is to make sure your home appliances themselves aren’t wasting any heat. This might seem counterintuitive and expensive, but in fact, when it comes to high-energy, older appliances like refrigerators, a simple upgrade to a more energy-efficient model could save you a ton of money.