Using Rugs in Open Plan Spaces

Open plan spaces are great for creating a feeling of modern, urban living and a spacious environment. Family homes can open up to give a feeling of togetherness while smaller spaces can also feel much bigger when walls are removed. The trick to making the most of open plan spaces is filling them with the right type of furniture and carpeting.

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One of the best ways to complement open plan spaces is with attractive rugs.

Add Colour and Texture

Rugs can be used to strong effect against a wooden floor. A bare floor can look cold and stark, while a rug adds instant warmth. For open plan spaces this is even more important as the wide open space can feel lacking in warmth. A rug can give a stronger personality to an open plan space too with different colours and textures.

Having the same colour palette is more important than being the same pattern or having the exact same colour. Rugs with a similar style can also work well together, for example, two Oriental style rugs or two modernist, block colour rugs.

A Question of Quantity

When you have a large open space the question then becomes one of quantity. How many rugs should you use when decorating a large room? Matching rugs helps to avoid the question of colours and patterns, while plain rugs are also possible to make sure there is no clash. Be careful though because matching rugs can look too ‘perfect’ or even boring.

Although matching rugs can bring a feeling of togetherness when complementing a living and dining area or kitchen area, sometimes having contrasting rugs works well to define the borders of different zones. Plain flooring looks best with coloured rugs, such as wooden or laminate flooring from stockists such as

Contrasting Rugs

Contrasting rugs can help to showcase the kitchen while a softer rug can make the movement into the living zone feel more relaxing. By using contrasting rugs you can define the areas of your open plan home, while harmonising colours will ensure a pleasant continuity.

One strong idea is to combine a plain rug with a patterned rug in harmonising colours. Another idea is to match a neutral coloured carpet with a patterned rug or a neutral coloured rug with a bright bold coloured rug next to it.