Making a Decision Between Bow and Bay Windows

Whether it’s about home design, remodeling or renovation, window construction always tends to be a crucial step. Sometimes, the project is about improving overall appearance while in some projects, it’s about increasing functionality. Since some projects need a significant amount of investment than others, homeowners have to pay extra attention on windows’ construction and design. Bay or bow windows are the best example of components whose construction might create challenges for the installers. It is, therefore, crucial for homeowners to be aware of the risks and problems associated with installing these windows as the results would differ accordingly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main features of bow and bay windows are the additional glass options and extensions that give a unique look to their design. Direct Pro manufactures bay and bow windows as per clients’ requirements. The best thing about their products is that they give extra room and working space according to the window sizes. Homeowners can easily add 6 to 8 sq. ft space in order to increase outside view. While installing bow or bay windows, the thing to keep in mind is perfection, meaning that people should have to make sure that the windows can fit properly in the opening. The downside of having these types of windows is condensation. There is minimal air circulation and bay windows’ extension parts cause inhabitants to experience colder temperature.

Another interesting fact about these windows is additional viewing area, which is greater than standard window types that usually offer two-dimensional exterior view. The feature allows fresh air to keep interior refreshing and healthy but, the windows usually hold colder temperature because they cannot resist external environment and therefore, end up allowing cold air breeze to enter the home.

Beauty of the Bay

Direct Pro encourages homeowners not to ignore bow or bay windows just because of these minor issues. Even, selection is not the only consideration- installation also needs attention because if the windows are not installed properly, results would be quite disappointing. Homeowners should have to hire Direct Pro for professional installation so that they can work to ensure satisfaction as they have got better understanding of window designs and different installation techniques. Since their experts are aware of possible risks, it is recommended to leave everything upon them and wait until things start to work in the way they expect.