Intumescent Paint Contractors in Vancouver Ensure Fire-Safety in Buildings

Fire protection remains one of the most significant issues ever to be addressed by facility managers and building owners. Several facility features may be optional, but a fire protection program is certainly not. It is so critical that no facility can be made operational without it, as it is a part of the requirements for building regulations compliance.

Intumescent paint contractors in Vancouver know all too well that this type of coating plays an important role when a fire rages through a building. These contractors offer their excellent, expert advice to architects on the pros and cons of different construction materials and how they will stand up in a fire.

Vancouver insulation contractors know that the fire performance of concrete may well be difficult to define, but steel is non-combustible, and architects know how well it performs in a fire. Intumescent coatings can be applied on-site to materials where it will expand when heated for exceptional insulating properties. Intumescent coatings are in fact used in most industrial and commercial buildings.

Intumescent paints can be solvent- or water-based. Whichever one you use, they contain hydrates to help in cooling off the temperature. It is the water-based paints which are used more often because they are cheaper and more widely available.

Delays and a Time for Escape

The paint can also be applied to bricks, walls, wood and other components of a structure. These coatings are usually made of organic substances, such as epoxy resins and thermosetting polymers that have resistance to heat and fire. When exposed to fire, these substances swell, forming a protective layer on the surface. This protective layer will resist and absorb heat and protect the wall from being damaged. The paints or coatings provide an important delay between a fire taking hold, allowing people to escape.

Useful Information is also Imparted

Intumescent paint contractors in Vancouver will explain to you how intumescent and fire retardant paints can be applied to a variety of combustible building materials. It is important to know this, as it then brings the building into compliance with fire regulations.

The duration of protection differs with individual products, but Vancouver insulation contractors are knowledgeable and skilled and they tell us it can be between 60 and 120 minutes.

Fire can sweep through a building in minutes and destroy everything. Therefore, it’s very important to speak to a reputable paint contractor about a professional application of fire resistant intumescent paint. These coatings are compliant with Vancouver and national fire and building codes and are applied to schools, hospitals, restaurants and other facilities, for safety’s sake. Durable intumescent fire protection coatings are guaranteed to provide you with reliable fire protection, but you also get the added bonus of lower maintenance requirements, too.

Go with Accredited Professionals for Safety’s Sake

Always choose a reputable fire protection contractor who has expertise in the installation of fire protection systems. If you select accredited installers who meet industry-specific standards, you can rest assured you have done all you can to protect your staff and the buildings they work in.