4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

People often choose to clean their own carpets. It generally costs less to do so, compared to calling in a professional cleaner. However, Dr. Chem-Dry uses effective, green solutions so you may find a service call worth it. Avoiding the common carpet cleaning mistakes can mean having a clean, fresher-looking carpet for many more years. Continuing to make the same mistakes over and over can certainly reduce the rug’s appearance, and its functional life; steer clear of these and this doesn’t have to happen.

1. Not Cleaning Spills Up Immediately

This is a pretty bad idea. A stain, no matter what has spilled, will continue to seep deeper into the carpet if it is not blotted up. The contents of this spill can reach the deepest fibers and even into the underlying padding. Depending on the material of the carpet and substance in the stain, the fibers can start to deteriorate.

In addition to acting quickly on a stain, it is important to treat the problem the right way. Many people think aggressive scrubbing will get everything out. In the process, you’re likely to just spread the stain over a larger area, and push whatever spilled deeper into the fibers.

2. Improper Use of a Vacuum Cleaner

No matter what, don’t use a wet vacuum or steam cleaning machine on a stain. The heat will cause a reaction that will make the stain permanent. In fact, you don’t need much in the way of technology. All you need is a clean, white cloth and a paper towel, with a mixture of water and vinegar. Light brushing or blotting can get most stains out while causing minimal stress on the carpet fibers.

3. Forgetting to Test a Cleaning Solution

From time to time, you may find the need to try a new type of cleaner or odor eliminator. However, the results can be unpredictable because a particular solution might damage or discolor the carpet, depending on what it is made of. Either use the new cleaner on an extra piece of carpet, or test it on an area that is not easily visible. If you don’t follow this step, you can end up causing a stain from the cleaning product that can be nearly impossible to get out.

4. Avoiding Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

There are many carpet cleaning mistakes, but this is one of the most serious ones. Manufacturers recommend cleaning a carpet professionally at least once a year. Technicians use expert equipment and techniques to remove dirt from deep within the carpet. Debris trapped way down there can reduce the sharp appearance the carpet once had, but expert cleaning will restore its luster.

Other carpet cleaning tips include using the right carpet cleaning products for a particular stain. You also want to use any deodorizing powder properly, and not overuse chemicals. Procrastination, improper vacuuming, and not testing new products are big mistakes that are made all too often. Avoid the mistakes mentioned here and seek a professional when necessary; your carpet will retain its luster for much longer.