Different Methods For Carpet Cleaning

People love to decorate their floors with carpets and rugs but they do not like to clean their carpets. The colours and designs of carpets can mesmerise people and add a very elegant look to a house. Carpets look very beautiful and they are also very hard to clean.  There are many methods, which are being used to wash and clean the carpets professionally. Some methods are more advanced and better than other methods. Most of the people nowadays like to get their carpets cleaned professionally because of many reasons because they do not know the right way of cleaning the carpet properly and thoroughly or they are so busy in their professional lives that they do not get time to clean their carpets. People also understand that how important it is to clean the carpets to prevent any health problem. Therefore, they go to professional cleaners. Most people like to find a local company for cleaning of their carpet.

These cleaners use all the new equipment to clean the carpet. They know that each carpet that comes to their place is different according to its fabric, age and quality of the fabric. Some carpets are being made with low quality and they cannot bear the cleaning products, which have hard chemicals. Some fabrics are so fragile that product with the hard chemical can ruin them such as silk. Some people do not want chemicals to be used in the cleaning of their carpets because they do not want their kids to inhale those chemicals. Professional cleaners know all the requirements of today’s clients and they clean the carpets with methods, which do not have any involvement of chemicals.

There are two methods, which are very famous nowadays for carpet cleaning. Dry-cleaning which is also known as chemdry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Chemdry cleaning

In this method of carpet cleaning, the cleaners use carbonation bubbles to clean the carpet. This method does not involve any hard chemical. The best part about this method is that the requirement of water in this method is very low. The whole process of cleaning of the carpet and drying take not more than three hours. Some cleaning companies also give organic chemdry cleaning in which they use natural products instead of factory-made cleaning soaps and shampoos. This method kills at least 90% of germs and bacteria stuck in the carpet and best in removing the stains.

Steam cleaning

In this method, the cleaners use hot water with very high temperature to clean the carpet. They spread the hot water on the carpet and let it remain there for at least for 5 to 10 minutes. This is good enough time to remove the dust and stains and also to keep the colour of the carpet intact. Everyone knows that the hot water kills the bacteria.  Because this method is totally based on water, so the requirement of water is very high and the carpet takes at least 2 to 3 days to dry off all the water. That is why this method is not being considered good for commercial carpets.